kafka on the shore haruki murakami

Kafka On The Shore (Haruki Murakami)

If you are the kind of person who wants to know everything — as in every little detail of all the things — this book may not be for you. For in this book, there is more to knowing the facts and being familiar with every aspect of them. Here, there are some things that are better left unsaid. Yet, that does not mean you … Continue reading Kafka On The Shore (Haruki Murakami)

no one belongs here more than you miranda july

No One Belongs Here More Than You (Miranda July)

I myself almost committed the same mistake. I did not pick up a copy of this book from the shelves of bookstores I had visited, thinking it would just be another so-so read. Good thing, though, my friend A started talking about it. He said he liked the book a lot and since I have always trusted his taste, I gave it a shot. I read it. … Continue reading No One Belongs Here More Than You (Miranda July)

the financial lives of poets jess walter

The Financial Lives Of The Poets (Jess Walter)

  “How do you know when you’ve gone too far? When you can’t go back?” This, definitely, is one of the most striking lines in this book. Written by Jess Walter, The Financial Lives of the Poets tells the story of a Matthew, who quit his job as a reporter to pursue his long time dream–to write verses about money matters. Things don’t go well for him, … Continue reading The Financial Lives Of The Poets (Jess Walter)

Look Who’s Back (Timur Vermes)

  Imagine Adolf Hitler waking up in Berlin in 2011. He sees a different Germany and wonders what have become of his efforts back in the day. Later on, the fuhrer gets mistaken for a method actor and becomes a comedian known for his grumpy remarks about the country and the foreigners. People also think he is taking things too far by not taking a … Continue reading Look Who’s Back (Timur Vermes)

Room (Emma Donoghue)

Room tells the story of Ma and Jack. At first, things seem normal. They stay in a room, so what? Yet, subtle yet meaningful details imply, little by little, that there’s actually something wrong with the whole setup. Why let Jack sleep inside the wardrobe, in the first place? Also, isn’t it strange that Old Nick, another character in the novel, just comes in at … Continue reading Room (Emma Donoghue)

Why We Broke Up (Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman)

“Intriguing.” It was my first reaction upon seeing this book. No wonder, I actually bought a copy of it when I went to a nearby bookstore one day. It is a beautiful book, literally. My copy is hard bound, and the pages are glossy. I must say, the material is perfect for its kind. It’s full of illustrations, after all. Sure, these pictures are among … Continue reading Why We Broke Up (Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman)

frog music emma donoghue

Frog Music (Emma Donoghue)

Set in San Francisco in the 1800s, Frog Music tackles the mysterious death of a young woman called Jenny Bonnet. She is shot to death one night while her friend Blanche Beunon, a burlesque dancer, survives. For the next days, Blanche tries to find answers to her biggest questions about her friend’s death. Praised for its cinematic style, Frog Music is a good attempt as historical … Continue reading Frog Music (Emma Donoghue)

ligo na u lapit na me eros atalia

Ligo Na Ü Lapit Na Me (Eros Atalia)

  Pukang ama. Buti tapos na Ü kasi napagod talaga me. Higit isang taon kong ninasang basahin ang librong ito. Nagsmula ang lahat noong makita ko ang trailer para sa pelikula at doon ko naisip, ‘ba, interesante ang kwento. Kaya naman excited ako nang makakuha ako ng kopya nito mula kay Ernie na noon ay namimigay ng ilang librong maiiwan niya rito sa Pinas pagtulak … Continue reading Ligo Na Ü Lapit Na Me (Eros Atalia)

abnkkbsnplako bob ong


Naaalala mo pa ba yung first day mo noong elementary? Kumusta naman ang labas ng paaralan niyo? Bumibili ka rin ba ng fishballs at ng hotcake na malamig? Nung high school, nag-cram ka rin ba ng projects? Nabato sa pagrorosaryo at pagpunta sa misa? Kumusta ang teachers mo? May alyas ba sila? Eh nung college? Na-excite ka ba? Tinamad? Sumuko? Anuman ang kwento mo bilang … Continue reading ABNKKBSNPLAko?! (Bob Ong)